Tuesday, May 20, 2014

How to get a free phone for earning points

With all of those points sites out there, it is easy to rack them up for free gift cards, or even PayPal cash! You can often earn a large number of points by downloading apps to your phone, or by running mobile TV spots, such as on Swagbucks and PerkTV. But maybe you don't want to tie up your phone or lose critical information. You can easily get a free phone to use with these sites and rack up gift card points faster than ever!

This is how you can get a free Kyocera phone from Boost Mobile (until June 1, I believe). 

I had to sign up for an Ebates account, because I didn't yet have one. If you don't already have one, follow this link and we will both get a bonus! When I signed up under my friend, I even got a $10 Target gift card! (Other choices were available.)

Once your account is set up and your PayPal is connected (to get that cash back!), you are ready to shop! Do a search for Boost and Kyocera (which is the brand of phone).  Look for the option that is a certified pre-owned Kyocera Hydro, formerly $34.99, now on sale for $17.49. It will also say $17.50 cash back! When I enter this search, it's the second option. Click on Shop Now.

You will be taken to the Boost Mobile site. The phone will come up with an instant savings, to be only $17.49. Click Add to Cart. When prompted, enter your zip code. There is no promo code - you are going to actually pay $17.49 and Ebates will reimburse you at their quarterly payout. You're just going to pay sales tax.

Fill out your payment and card information. If you want to pay extra for shipping for it to arrive sooner, go for it. I don't mind waiting three days for free shipping.

Read through the terms and conditions, but you won't be setting up an account when it arrives. You're just going to connect this phone to your WiFi to run apps.

Review your billing and shipping information and then click on Complete Purchase. Within a matter of moments, you should receive a confirmation email to go with the confirmation number you receive from Boost. You will also be able to see the $17.50 rebate as pending under My Ebates. It will also tell you when you can expect to see your payment hit PayPal.

Enjoy your phone! I will add more posts about things that you can do with your phone to earn more points soon!