Welcome to the giveaways page! To keep life more interesting, I have started to host a variety of giveaways in between my other thoughts and ramblings. I will try to update this page about once a week, clearing out expired giveaways and adding the new ones. They are listed in order of end date. New additions are highlighted in red. Remember to check back daily, as some have options to enter every day!

I help to run giveaways at a couple of my blogs:

Montessori Writer
Andi's Young Adult Books
Andi's Book Reviews

You can also keep up with current giveaways and check out blogger opps by joining my Facebook page at Montessori Writer's Giveaways. Remember to indicate that you want posts in your news feed! 

Happy entering!

~~Win a $50 Amazon gift card - 'Nobody Needs to Know' - Enter to win here. Ends 3/10

~~Win a $25 Amazon gift card or a unique book bag! - 'Food for a Hungry Ghost' - Enter to win here. Ends 3/10 

~~Win a $100 Amazon Gift Card - 'The Chronicles of Trellah book blast! Enter to win here! Ends 3/24