Saturday, December 12, 2009

Book excitement

So, there was just someone knocking on my door, repeatedly, so I actually went down to answer it. Usually it's just someone offering to do something around the yard - at this time of year, it would be shoveling snow. I am perfectly capable of doing these things on my own, so I usually ignore the door.

Today, it was the postman, with a package I needed to sign for. Three picture books from India! Woohoo!! I had requested them a while ago, and we knew it would take a while. But nevertheless, it was exciting, and I'm glad I was actually home to receive them. Of course, now I realized that my entire shelf of books to review is once again about to overflow, and the regular post hasn't yet come, so I guess I need to get busy!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

PTC exhaustion

It is amazing to me how exhausting these parent-teacher conferences can be. This year, I only have 17 students, down from the 22 I had last year. Half of the class is only 3 years old, and this is the goal-setting conference. That means that I basically provide information about what they are currently doing, the purpose of each area, and project a path for each child to follow during the remainder of the year. With all of that information, each report ends up being about a 6-page narrative report.

Usually, all of the conferences can be accomplished within one week, but this year they have gone on and on for a full month. Part of it was that the school year started late because Labor Day was later this year. Then, the Thanksgiving holiday popped up in the middle of them. But that is still an excessive amount of time for only 17 kids!

The problem is, the PTC lasting so long has completely drained me! I have no energy left to read or write much of anything, which is a problem when I now have about 100 books waiting to be officially reviewed. The month has put me so far behind! I'm trying to catch up, but can't focus for more than 2 minutes on anything! And I can't comprehend anything, either!

In addition to making me sad because of having to write and read is the mere problem of being unable to handle reading my beloved new Stephen King book. I made sure I went straight to Barnes that day to purchase it in hardcover with my nifty coupon, and I haven't even been able to crack page 400! People who bought it after me are already finishing it!

I'm hoping that I can get some much needed R&R this weekend, so that I can get back on track and feel normal again!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Cleaning off cars

I haven't voiced a lot of opinions lately, because I have about 85,000 of them, and couldn't choose ,nor did I want to get myself into trouble. But today, I have to complain about driving in the snow!

People, if you have to park outside during the snow, PLEASE clean off your cars! Inevitably, I always get stuck behind the schmuck who has only cleaned off enough of his windows to barely peer through the windshield and the rear window, and all of that $h!t ends up blowing onto my windshield!! Makes me crazy!!

And this is only the first snowstorm of the year, in Upstate NY, lol.