Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rochester Restaurant Vacation Part Four

Today I decided to change it up a bit, and ventured out for food for lunch, instead of dinner. I had to tutor this morning, and was eager to get back home to work on more writing. Today I headed out to the crossroads of 250 and 441, and went to a family restaurant called Duchess Restaurant.

It's a typical family-friendly restaurant, with those old school rippled plastic glasses for water, windows between booths in case you have a large party, waitresses who are lifers, and lots of down home choices on the menu.

When I came in, that classic "Hostess will seat you" sign was posted, so I wanted a few minutes for the hostess to appear. People were also waiting up at the register to check out. Finally, I was taken to a nice booth toward the back. I appreciated having some space to spread out, as I had brought in my notebook for outlining other articles.

A waitress finally came over to get me something to drink. I asked for a water. When she returned, I asked for one more minute to make up my mind. About two minutes after I set the menu to one side, a second waitress came over to take my order.

The food came out quickly, and was delivered by a third waitress.. At least, the wrap and the fries did. I didn't get my salad. I started eating, anyway, because I didn't want the food to get cold. I kept my eyes open for my waitress, or anyone else, to pass by so that I could ask for the salad.

The fries were those really good, extra crispy, kind that seem like they have been dipped in some kind of batter. Really good means really bad, I'm sure. And a Philly steak in a flour tortilla is really good! I have a sensitivity to yeast, so I try to order wraps instead of sandwiches, whenever possible.

I was almost finished eating everything, despite deliberately slowing way down, by the time a waitress walked past my table. She was yet another one, whom I had not yet seen. I told her my salad had never come, showed her my bill/slip (which was placed on the table when my food had been brought). Had I actually finished the rest of the meal, I would have just asked for it to have been taken off, but I also really wanted the salad.

Waitress #4 walked into the kitchen, hollering, and almost immediately walked back out. Something tells me it was sitting there the whole time and no one realized it. I found it almost amusing, especially as they use that archaic system of assigning each server a number, then ding a little bell and the number lights up at the kitchen when her table's food is ready. Of course, I'm not really sure who my waitress was.

The salad was interesting. It had one tomato section, lettuce that was obviously bagged, and sliced mushrooms? The croutons were very rich and buttery, and the ranch dressing ROCKED, of course.

The bill was under $10, so I had no problem leaving $1.50 for tip. I have no idea who is actually going to get it, and I really don't care. I may be willing to give the restaurant another chance, because the food was really good, but that service obviously sucked. Some people may have raised a big stink, but I'm not the type to do that. I worked in a restaurant part-time for a couple of years when I moved out here. I realize that they were just coming off of the lunch rush, and people were changing shifts. But all of those things never negate quality customer service. But I won't go further into that right now. I can save that for a different post. :-)

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