Saturday, August 8, 2009

Thoughts on Lars and the Real Girl

I obviously had heard of the movie Lars and the Real Girl a couple of years ago through all of my awards season coverage. Frankly, the idea of a movie about a guy who pretended that his blow-up doll was his real-life girlfriend just looked stupid to me, and I didn't want to waste my time watching it. But, Ryan Gosling was up for numerous awards for his performance, and critics liked it, so I figured at some point I should try it.

Finally, tonight it premiered on Showtime. I'll admit that in the beginning, when Lars purchases his doll and starts carting her around as if she were real, I almost didn't want to continue watching. I was also a little creeped out as Lars kind of reminded me of a guy I dated over a decade ago. As I was working on writing blog posts and articles, I just kept it on anyway.

And then I got sucked in.

To support Lars and his delusions, the entire community ends up banding together to pretend that Bianca is real. They take her to get her hair done, give her a job, talk to her and serve her food, drive her around town, and take her to events. All of this is designed to make Lars happy, and help him through whatever psychological dysfunction he is experiencing.

I found it to be surprisingly moving, and in my usual fashion, I even shed a tear or two.

It's not a movie that I would necessarily ever want to own, but I am sure I will probably want to watch it again some day.

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