Sunday, April 10, 2011

E is for Eddie

Of course E is for Eddie! What else would it be? I am a huge fan of Pearl Jam, and have been for 20 years now. Nothing helps my mood better than Eddie's voice crooning and yelling. The lyrics touch my soul. I feel a spiritual connection with his music in a way unlike any other.

I have written about Eddie and Pearl Jam time and time again. So, instead of rehashing all of them, I will instead provide you with links to my published works on Yahoo! and Associated Content/Yahoo Contributor Network.

Book Review: Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer (including commentary on the soundtrack by Eddie Vedder)

Pearl Jam's Eddie Vedder Pens the Lyrics That Fulfill My Soul

Meeting Eddie Vedder (Yes, my friend Amy and I got to meet him twice. It was a dream come true. One of these days I will find my camera again, and can upload my pictures. I will include one from my crappy camera phone below. The one taken by my friend that appears on this article is the best, though!)

Top 5 Eddie Vedder Solo Performances with Friends
(This one actually went to omg! on Yahoo!)


  1. I met Faye Dunaway once. She attended the Robert McKee Story seminar. I didn't know who she was at first (somebody else had to tell me). I expected her to be much taller and much older looking. She looked like a tiny teenager. I wrote about a name on my E challenge too ;) If you would like to read my latest post for the A-Z Challenge, just click and look at the top blog.

  2. Has PJ/Eddie really been around that long? When did that happen?

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