Sunday, June 28, 2009

Julio as protective big brother

Ok, I am obviously bored out of my mind. I was trying to work my gardening jobs today, but got rained out yet again, and I just cannot concentrate on writing articles! That Bright Hub one I did wore me out!

So, the saga of the battle between the canines and felines continues......I finally found Fiona hiding under my dresser in my room. (Damn, I STILL haven't found Cassie! I need to try to do that.....) Eventually the boys got bored and left my room, so she decided to come slinking out. I held her on my lap for a while. Julio came back into the room and jumped up on the bed, so I put her up there with him.

But then Jefferson came around the corner, saw Fiona, and started barking at her. So, she ran and hid under my bed now. It's kind of annoying, because I know she will probably come out while we are asleep, but then they will hear her and chase her in the middle of the night. But I don't know what else to do right now.

I got amused at the dogs' reaction to her being under the bed, though. Jeffey was trying to be all tough, barking at her, but she would hiss, so he would back away. (Apparently he once was attacked by a cat with claws, so he keeps his distance. Cassie is declawed, so he has never feared her.)

Julio, on the other hand, is trying to coax her out. He, too, tried to crawl under the bed and pull her out. She just went farther back under the bed, so he just spent the last ten minutes barking at her, tail wagging. But it wasn't the "I want to chase you" bark. It was more of a "Come out, I want to play" bark. It's like he's saying, "Come play with my brother and have fun!"

Now he has given up and has passed out, almost protectively, in between the edge of the bed and the door to my bedroom. Jeffey is out in the hallway. It's kinda cute.

Random story: The day that I brought Fiona home, she was a tiny kitten. At this point, Jefferson no longer lived here. I held Fiona on my lap, and let Julio come up and sniff her. First he licked her head, and I thought, "How cute! He's going to take care of her!" Then he smacked her in the face. I guess he wanted to establish his dominance over her?

But the two of them quickly became the best of friends. He put up with her crawling all over him and they like to snuggle together. It's like kitty and doggie calendar cute. [I'm too lazy to look on my computer for any of the pics right now, though.)

It is my hope that some day soon, they will all make peace! And then I will have to find something else to ramble on and on about.......:-)

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