Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Psychotic Siamese

So, my sister's dog has come to stay with me for a while. He is also an adorable Shih-tzu. The boys together have been harassing my older cat, Cassie, ever since they were little puppies. Julio gets along with my Siamese, Fiona, as I introduced them when she was a kitten. Jeffey, on the other hand, wasn't here when Fiona arrived, so he never had the pleasure, and she is terrified of him.

I haven't seen the cats since I brought Jeffey home yesterday, and figured they may be down in the basement hiding. So, when I went down to get my laundry this morning, I fully expected to see them. But they weren't there.

But when I walked into the laundry half of the basement (also known as the "unfinished" half of the basement), I could hear Fiona crying. But I couldn't see her. Then I realized the sound was coming from above me.

Somehow, she had gotten up into the ceiling of the "finished" half of the basement, and now couldn't get herself down!

Naughty mommy that I am, instead of rescuing her immediately, I had to run back upstairs to get the camera phone. By that time, of course, she had hidden herself even further back and it took a lot of coaxing to get her to come to where I could reach her again.

I found the situation highly comical, even as I was terrified trying to balance on the archaic bar stool. She is such a little sh!t and frequently gets herself into trouble! And something tells me I won't find it as amusing if she does it again......

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