Monday, June 15, 2009

My Random Thoughts....Essential Oils

This is going to be my quirky place to put all of those weird random thoughts that frequently enter my brain, and that do not fit into any of my other blog areas. You never know what I am going to come up with and may not agree with me all of the time, and that's okay. I'm always up for productive conversation!

First random thought of the day......essential oils.

As I am sitting here working at my computer, I can see my little collection of new essential oil bottles. I have eyed these lovely things for weeks, but have never tried any of them. Finally, a sale at the local co-op encouraged me to try a couple. I was most interested in the lavender, because I can often have difficulty sleeping, especially when my brain is on overdrive. Lavender, unfortunately, is quite expensive. But the first night that I tried it, I slept really, really well! I think I used too much, though, because the next day I was still totally in a zone. But now I have used it three nights in a row, and it is quite relaxing.

Because I was so tired after the lavender, people suggested to me that I try peppermint to wake up. But the bottle of peppermint says it is calming. I did notice that I was calm, and it does wake you up a bit, depending on where you put it. When I was at the store I noticed that spearamint is supposed to wake you up.

The third one that I have tried is a lemon eucalyptus one. It was recommended to me for use as a way to ward off bugs when outside working in the garden. I noted that it also claims to be an awakening scent. I have used it a few times in the yard, and I haven't had as many bugs bothering me. I'm also using it along my windowsills, where I want to have the windows open for fresh air, but my darling cat has ripped the screens, so the bugs come in. It does, again, seem to be warding off the bugs. But the problem with using it in my bedroom is, I have to remember to use it in the morning, because the scent keeps me awake at night, thus defeating the lavender!

Any further suggestions for essential oils to try would be greatly appreciated.....especially as they are on sale through the month of June. :-)

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