Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Reflecting on The Bucket List

I like to doze off to movies, and last night I watched The Bucket List with Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. I love that movie, and have watched it a few times. I believe my father actually enjoyed that one, as well, even though he usually hates the formulaic movies of today.

Every time I watch that movie, I always have to ponder my own bucket list. What do I really want to accomplish? What is left for me to do? And perhaps I was even more moved to do so based on current events.

So, what would I put on my bucket list? Well......Change someone's life. Become a published writer. Meet Eddie Vedder and thank him for the last 18 years of musical lifeblood. Have a family. See Mt. Everest (just like the movie!) though I don't think my ankles would allow me to climb it. Go to Africa. Go to Italy. Visit France as an adult. Read every book ever written. Work as a gardener or horticulturist. Travel cross-country like Jack Kerouac or Donald Miller.

I'm sure there are more, but these are the ones that pop up again and again. And well, I can already cross a bunch off. I am a Montessori teacher, and I know that I have changed the lives of children and their parents. I write for over a dozen websites, so I am a published writer. I met Eddie Vedder, TWICE, last week (in case you hadn't heard, but if not read more here.) My family right consists of close friends, and my kids are my furry ones. If I am meant to have the other kind, it will happen, but I'm not picky. I'm working on reading, and I'm reviewing books on Associated Content, Suite 101, and Andi's Book Reviews. I am doing the gardening every summer now for myself and families from school, and just started Andi's Gardening Experiments. And the traveling is yet to come. But at 31, that isn't such a bad start!

The other thought-provoking part in the movie is when they are sitting atop the Pyramids in Egypt. Morgan Freeman is talking about the two questions that are asked before one enters Egyptian heaven. 1. Have you found joy in your life? 2. Have you given joy to others?

1. Yes, I regularly find joy in my life. It may only be glimpses here and there, or it may be an extended period. But, you need to experience some sad and frustrating times to make you truly appreciate those joyful times.

2. I like to think I have brought joy to others. I have been told that I have. I strive to do so. So, I guess I can get into Egyptian heaven?

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