Sunday, May 6, 2012

May Challenge Day 3: Something with which I struggle

Honestly, I am struggling with even writing this post. I have several things with which I struggle, but I just cannot admit some of them to the entire world. I am sure my father would find that somewhat ironic. He always thought I had a tendency to overshare as it is. Yes, I am outspoken on many areas, but admitting to my faults is not easy to do.

**I have a temper. I get catty and bitchy and mean. But it takes someone REALLY pissing me off for the claws to come out. I also get nasty if I am close to you. That means that only three people on this earth right now ever really get to see that side of me.

**I have a clutter problem. And I get mad when people make fun of the show Hoarders. No one chooses to have that problem and simply ripping everything away from them is not going to help.

**I am an overachiever. I want to do it all and I want to do it now. I get cranky when I fall behind. And then I can give up too easily.

**I don't like to admit when I am wrong. I hate to ask for help. At the same time, I hate it when people ask me if I want help. When I truly need it, I will ask for it.

All of these things, plus a few more, tend to make me a giant pain in the ass. I am the first one to admit it. Trying to fix it all is the hard part. I like to think that I have made a lot of progress in the past several years. I am never going to be a perfect person. I try to curb my annoyances and work toward organization every day. You just have to take me for who I am and embrace me with all of my faults.


  1. Holy cow! I thought I was reading about myself!!! My daughter has often threatened to call Hoarders on me, although if you came here, you'd see it's a definite stretch! And, I can be an expert bitch and, like you, those close to me see the worst of it (because I'm most comfortable with their being able to forgive, I'm sure). The overachiever isn't what I'd call myself, but I hate asking for help and hate being helped when I haven't asked for it. A real mess!

    Another 30 Days of Truth blogger.

  2. The only thing on that list that alarms me is the clutter thing. It can so easily become a health or safety hazard. There are therapists who deal with that as a specialty and I would urge you to give some careful consideration. It's not a matter of wanting it to be better, it's a matter of needing help to get there.

    1. I appreciate that. Really, I do. The method used is cognitive behavior therapy and you have to want to implement it. Having gone through that before, I know how to set up the program and have someone who is willing to be the person to whom I am held accountable. It works the same and she's cheaper. ;-)

      I go in spurts of cleaning and purging. We had to do so much after my dad died last year that it has been hard to get back into it. The next spurt is coming once I finish the last of these @#%^$ PTC reports for Friday.

  3. I appreciate your awareness and honesty. Rome wasn't built in a day! (My mom always says that...)