Sunday, May 6, 2012

Procrastination makes me play more

What is it about having parent-teacher conference reports due this week that makes me want to play even more? I was a good girl and started them over a month ago. I had the generic parts all filled out and even started to fill out several of them. I thought I would be done early. But no.

Actually, that isn't true. It is only Sunday, and conferences start on Friday. I have fourteen scheduled for Friday and 11 of those already emailed to my assistant and boss to review. Usually I am sending them through that Wednesday night. I always like to see if my assistant has something to add from her point-of-view and the boss must approve them all before they are shared with parents. I may even squeeze out another one this evening before I give in and go to bed.

I probably could have had them all written today. Writing 22 narratives is never an easy task. I think the writing wheels were well-greased from the A to Z blogging challenge last month. Words and thoughts were constantly spinning through my head and coming out of my fingers. I have had ideas about what I wanted to address in each report for several weeks now. I have been taking extra notes and doing extra evaluations for the past two weeks.

Ah, but for that desire to play. I was going to do a lot of them on Saturday, so that I didn't have to work all day today on reports. Then I got hungry, which led to the text message to The Man about getting food. Mid-day food always leads to various adventures. Sometimes it is going for a drive. Sometimes it is going on a hike. We also ended up meeting dogs at the local Humane Society and shopping for bargains. And then there was the dinner invite from a friend, and of course watching Svengoolie. Lots of playing on Saturday means lots of writing on Sundays.

It has been hard to restrain myself from playing all day today, too. The weather was absolutely gorgeous. I picked up one flat of flowers from a greenhouse yesterday, and really wanted to plant them. I need to finish clearing out the beds. Digging my fingers in dirt makes me happy. Had I given in to that temptation, though, I never would have made it back in to work on these reports. I have also wanted to play all day with my Kindle Fire and read. I did allow myself a little bit of both, to break up the monotony of writing reports.

I always wait until the last minute to get my work done. I guess this time around, I have actually made myself extra time to play, instead.

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  1. wow, it is great how you have so many interests---i hope you get to that gardening--i am hoping to soon also!