Thursday, January 7, 2010

15 minutes late

Argh! I told ya Wednesdays would be hard! (Didn't I?) It's officially 12:14 am on Thursday, but this is serving as the Wednesday post. I had a long school/tutoring day and what-not, and had an AC article due. The outline had been in my head for days, and I jotted it down while the child was working at tutoring. But after dinner and an author phone call, I just couldn't get the words out!

Hold it against me if you want, but I'm still going to count this posting as Wednesday's blog post for the day. I forgot to include a book review in yesterday's count, so that brought me up to 5 articles and three blog posts. So, my average was at least ahead. :-)

I have to say that having Grumpier Old Men on in the background doesn't help matters any, but how can you resist this movie? I've been trying to put my favorite quotes up on Twitter as cheap entertainment. It was my hope that laughing hysterically at some of the lines, such as Grandpa's perverted Hawaii comments would help loosen the words in my head.

So, I shall now post at 12:20 a.m., crawl into bed, and will be cursing myself when the alarm goes off in less than 6 hours.

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