Thursday, January 7, 2010

Fudging the New Years Resolutions tonight

Tonight, I have to fudge the NY resolutions a little bit. Technically, I posted an article, because my latest article at Associated Content was published tonight. And then I had to slightly edit one for Suite 101 and repost it. I was hoping to actually write one piece per day, but maybe I wrote it as as posts? Like I've said before, I think that times when I over-write, like the one weekend that I posted 26 book reviews, more than make up for these slower days. :-)

I did do a blog entry this morning, on my Montessori blog at

I'm not slacking off tonight to be lazy. I had a full day of work and what-not, and a friend needed me. Out of respect for her family, I will not divulge details. But it was enough to warrant about an hour on the phone, strategizing and sharing.

Other than all of that, the fun news of the day is that I bought Snuggies for the dogs. I hope to actually try to get them on the boys soon, and then maybe I will post some pictures?

I have about 87,000 other thoughts racing through my brain right now, but my eyes are closing, so they will have to be shared at another time......

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