Monday, January 4, 2010

Tweaking those resolutions

I am a glutton for punishment, a creature of habit, and a dedicated worker. So, I am tweaking my writing resolutions for the year.  I figure that I have enough time to post at least one blog entry and one article per day, even on my busy school days. Blog entries are quite easy. And with sites like Examiner, I can easily crank out one short piece, right? Then, on those lovely days off, I can work on a slew of pieces while I relax watching TV. Yes, to me, writing a bunch of book reviews all day long could actually be quite relaxing. I'm weird. :-)

So, today I managed to put up a new piece on Suite 101, and added an entry to my Montessori blog. Then, there is also this blog entry. I'm off to a good start! lol

And it just occurred to me that on Women Who Write Online, we tried a similar task once. I think we ended up agreeing that as long as you published an average of one a day for an entire month, it was okay. My goal is to not fall behind!  We shall see.......

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