Sunday, January 22, 2012

Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards With Easy ZoomBucks: View Daily Offers

ZoomBucks is a site that lets you earn points for doing simple things. Guarantee a couple of easy ZoomBucks by visiting the site on a daily basis. You can earn one guaranteed ZoomBuck every day, just for visiting the offers section of the site.

To find this, look at the bar at the top of the page. The second one says "Earn ZBucks." Hover over that and click on offers. Always check out the offers listed, because you never know if there will be one of interest to you. But even if you are not interested in the offers, you are guaranteed a daily ZBuck by scrolling all the way down to the bottom of the page.

It will say "Congratulations! You won 1 Buck!" Be sure to click on the mini video captcha underneath that dollar, though, or it will not be credited to your account! If you don't want to watch the entire short video, after a few seconds you will have the option of skipping to the end and your code will be revealed. Simply enter it and press the "Claim Reward" button to add to your points. It takes all of 30 seconds of your day.

ZoomBucks is an easy site to use. As of this posting, I have 167, again without much effort. I am saving up for that free $10 Amazon gift card. Just 833 more to go! But I have faith it won't take too long.

Please click here if you would like to check out the site and join me there. You automatically receive ZBucks for signing up.

You can also win points toward free Amazon gift cards by joining SwagBucks, which is similar to ZoomBucks.

Superpoints is another great site for rapidly earning points and gift cards. This link is good for seven days or until the first person signs up. If you try the link and it doesn't work, please leave me a comment and I will send you a link. Your email address will not publish and I will not use it for anything else.

Thanks for reading and happy ZBuck gathering!

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