Thursday, January 26, 2012

Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards With ZoomBucks: Watch Videos

Watching videos on ZoomBucks is an easy way to add a couple of ZBucks to your account on a daily basis. Make sure you have entered at least your zip code on your profile page, so that you can receive targeted videos.

Hover over "Earn ZBucks" and click on Video Rewards. You will have to enter basic information, such as your sex and your birthdate, to further classify available videos for you. Advertisers like to target specific demographics with their ads. You will then answer a few more questions. And then you are taken to the screen with available videos.

Earn an easy 2 ZBucks by watching the short video. Pay attention, as you will see two numbers flash across a black bar on the top or the sides of the video player. As soon as the video ends, enter those two digits into the box to earn your ZBucks. If you do not enter them within a few seconds, you will have to watch the video again to see two different flashing numbers.

These videos are short, taking up less than a minute of your time. Following the video you may also be given the option of an offer or discount of some kind. You are not required to participate in the offers to receive your ZBucks. Your reward will quickly be credited to your account.

More videos can be found on some of the offer pages. Click on a title on the green bar to view all available offers from each organization. Some of them have a subsection that is specifically titled videos. On other pages, you have to skim all of the offers to find a video. Click on the video to watch in another tab. Most require a minimum of 20 seconds of viewing in order to receive your ZBucks. I like to have them playing in the background while I am working on something else.

Videos are not necessarily going to be available on a daily basis. But it will only take a minute of your time to search for them.

Join me on ZoomBucks today and start earning ZBucks toward a prize of your choice. I am saving up for free Amazon gift cards!

Interested in other sites for free Amazon gift cards? Try one of these:

SwagBucks is very similar to ZoomBucks. I have been with them for over a year now, and have cashed out several Amazon gift cards. I have earned $30 in the last several weeks alone!

iRazoo is relatively new to me, but my friends have earned several gift cards through them. It also functions similarly to SwagBucks and ZoomBucks.

Superpoints is probably the easiest site of them all. This link code is only good for seven days or until the first person uses it, as it is an invite-only site. Should the link not work for you, please leave me a comment and I will send you a new one. Emails are never published and will never again be used by me for any purpose.

Thanks for reading and happy point-gathering!

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