Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Earn Free Amazon Gift Cards With ZoomBucks: Promotional Codes

ZoomBucks is a great site to help you earn free Amazon gift cards and other prizes. You can win while doing your regular searching or by performing simply daily tasks. One easy way to earn a couple of ZBucks on a regular basis is to pay attention to the promotional codes that are released on a regular basis.

On Facebook, like the ZoomBucks page to get codes in your news feed. If you are on Twitter, follow @Zoombucksonline to have them post in your timeline there. When a promotional code becomes available, it will be posted in one of these places. On occasion, you may also receive a promotional code in your email.

Once you locate the code, visit the ZoomBucks website. Hover over "Win ZBucks" and click on "Promo Codes." Enter the code into the box and then click "Claim Reward." The ZBucks are yours!

Hint: If you cut and paste the code from its location, beware of leaving a space at the beginning or the end of the code. Should you get an error message, check for spaces and try again.

Promotional codes are not necessarily revealed on a daily basis. But it is a good idea to check on a daily basis, just in case. They are also available for a limited time. So, redeem it as soon as you find it!

Join me on ZoomBucks today and start earning points toward that Amazon gift card or other prizes!

Interested in other sites that reward you with Amazon gift cards? Try one of these:

iRazoo rewards you with tasks, offers, videos and searches. I'm pretty new to this site, but so far so good!

SwagBucks is a site very similar to ZoomBucks. I have been there for over a year and cashed out $30 in Amazon gift cards within the last month.

Superpoints is one of the easiest ways to earn fast points toward gift cards. This invite link is good for seven days or until the first person claims it. Should it not work for you, please leave me a comment. I will send you a new link and never use your email address for anything else.

Thanks for reading, and happy ZBuck collecting!

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