Saturday, January 28, 2012

Earn Free Stuff With iRazoo: Watch Videos

You can earn more points toward your free Amazon gift cards by watching videos on iRazoo. Go to their offers page (which will already earn you an automatic 5 points every day). You can find videos hiding within the different offers pages.

For example, click on the tab that says "Gambit" and then the sub-tab that says "Videos." If there any available, you will earn points for watching them. After watching one, follow any instructions that may be given and then move on to the next video. If you are familiar with how Superpoints does videos, these are quite similar.

RadiumOne sometimes has mini-episodes from the Talent or Dating Rules from My Future Self series. You are only required to watch the first 20 seconds to earn points. I leave them running in a different tab so that the entire episode airs, just in case.

Search through Peanuts Lab, as well, as there is occasionally a video in their offers list. Matomy has a separate tab that says "Videos." Click on one of those and a pop-up screen will have a video for you to watch. After you watch it, close out the window and your points will make it into your account a little later. The Sponsor Pay tab does have a separate videos tab, but it tells me that there are no videos available in my country (USA).

Under the green dollar sign that says "Earn Points" is an option that says "Videos." But when you click on it, it says that they are coming soon. It has been that way for quite some time, from what I can gather from forums and the Facebook wall.

I can usually track down all of the videos in less than half an hour (sometimes less than 10 minutes). It's easy to do while watching the news or sipping on your morning coffee. And the points do add up.

In my second week of sort of trying to earn some points on iRazoo, I am up to 349. Come join me over there and see how fast you can rack up your points!

Interested in other sites that give you points toward free Amazon gift cards? Check out these fun and easy ways to earn more:

SwagBucks is probably one of the best and has been around the longest. I have earned about 7000 points in over a year and only recently started to try a little harder to earn my points.

ZoomBucks is quite similar to iRazoo and SwagBucks. I joined around the same time I started with iRazoo and am up to 230 ZBucks. The site was down for a day, otherwise it would be higher.

SuperPoints has been racking up the free Amazon gift cards for me much faster than any of the other sites. This invite link is good for seven days or until the first person snatches it up. Should it not work for you, please leave me a comment below and I will send you a new one.

Happy point collecting!

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