Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My Daddy Tribute: E is for Ev'ry Mountain

I came down with a nasty cold on Easter. I was already a bit behind in my postings, but that really put me over the edge. It has been easier to spend my Spring Break in bed, reading books and sleeping. But tonight I went over to The Man's house for some Easter leftovers and to watch movies. Like usual, we both dozed off during the movie. Unfortunately, to my body, that means I have had a nap and it will be a little while before I can really fall asleep.

I came home and started scrolling through Facebook and clicking on my Superpoints button, as I often do when I am unwinding for the evening. One of my Facebook friends likes to post a lot of videos from musicals on a nightly basis. All of a sudden, "Climb Ev'ry Mountain" was scrolling past on my wall. I had to stop and play it.

This was one of my father's favorite songs. Every time we watched The Sound of Music, he would crank this song as loud as we could stand it. God help you if you spoke. I appreciated it more and more as I grew older.

When we were planning his memorial service, his pastor asked us what his favorite songs were. I immediately said, "Climb Ev'ry Mountain." Now, obviously it isn't a hymn. The organist wasn't sure that he could find the music for it. I said it was okay and a long shot.

Flash forward to the service. I was doing a good job holding it all together. And then it was time for Communion. I was sitting in the front row and stood up with my uncle to go up for my turn. All of a sudden, the organ started belting out this song. I completely lost it and collapsed in the pew sobbing for a good five minutes after it was over. I am sobbing right now as I type this. And I probably always will get teary when I hear it.

In a way, my father has climbed another mountain. My original idea for the "E" posting was going to be about Easter. That morning, I woke up ridiculously early. I think I was nervous about spending the day with The Man's family again. I tried to go back to sleep and did doze off for a little bit. All of a sudden, a loud voice started yelling, "Hallelujah! He has risen!" But instead of seeing Jesus, I had a vision of my father sitting up in Heaven next to God. For the first time since he died in June, I felt like he had truly made his way up to Heaven. Some people may think I am crazy, and I don't care. I know my father has visited me since he died. He held me in his arms when I started phoning family members that night. He has stroked my hair and wrapped his arms around me when I have had tough nights crying or feeling sick. And I had a vision of him in my mother's hospital room when she had a heart attack last month. I think he stayed behind to make sure all of us were going to be okay. He wanted to keep pushing us up those mountains and across those streams. Now he knows we will persevere even though he isn't here, so he can finally rest in peace.

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  1. Beautiful post and a great song. I'm trying to visit all the A-Z Challenge Blogs this month.