Monday, April 30, 2012

My Daddy Tribute: U is for Unique Bedtime Routine

When I was little, I had a bedtime routine that was unique to my father and him. The normal part was that I was supposed to go potty before climbing into bed. What was unique was how my father would get me to actually pee.

I had a large Raggedy Ann doll that someone had made for me. She was one of my favorites and always accompanied me to bed. While I would sit on the toilet, Dad would lie on his back on the bathroom floor. He would suddenly yell, "Raggedy Ann! Your clock struck again! BOING!" and throw her up in the air. I don't know why that was so funny, but I would laugh until know.

Every once in a while he would perform a variation, using my beloved blankie. I remember one night when he misfired and Blankie ended up going over the shower curtain and got wet. I wasn't too happy about that.

Once my business was finished, I washed my hands and scampered through the door to their adjoining bedroom. The three of us would curl up in the bed to talk and to read books. When my sister got a little older, she would join us. And then I would have to go to sleep in my own bedroom.

Those are some of my most favorite memories of my father. We joked about that for years.

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