Sunday, April 29, 2012

My Daddy Tribute: O is for Opinionated

My father was one of the most opinionated people I had ever met. He knew what he knew and believed what he wanted to believe, and there was no way of persuading him to think otherwise. He would debate topics with people for hours on end. He always seemed well-informed. He had an amazing knack to remember all kinds of dates and facts about all kinds of topics. He could pull out this information in a split second to try to knock down your theories or opinions. That is a dangerous person to go up against in an argument!

Unfortunately for him, that meant he raised a daughter who was able to do the same thing. We may not have always agreed on topics, but we could debate them. Sometimes, especially when I was younger, I think I purposely picked the opposite point-of-view, just to get his goat. I swear he did the same to his own parents.

I miss his wisdom and our debates.

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