Monday, April 30, 2012

My Daddy Tribute: S is for Siblings

My father was the second in line with one boy ahead of him and two sisters behind him. He seemed to be a classic middle child, always trying to get attention. The older of his two younger sisters is my godmother. She wanted to contribute some of the memories of the siblings to this project and sent me an email of them. Here are a few of my favorites from her collection.

He was forever the teaser…..talking to my friends about the ghosts in the cemetery behind our house. I remember one night my friend was over and we made an anonymous call to a boy. Rick got on the other extension and made sure that boy knew who was calling On another night when Mom and Dad were out, he talked my friend and me into getting dressed up and stuffing our boobs with socks and then standing next to Monroe St. like that. When a car came and slowed down, we would run into the bushes

Of course, you can’t talk about Rick without talking about farting. Not sure why my brothers both got such a kick out of that!!! Rick used to fart and say “FINS” after which stood for SNIF spelled backwards. More silliness!

One time Linda had a date for a prom and Rick and I dressed up like her parents and greeted the poor guy at the door who had no idea what he was in for We thought we were so freaking funny!

Not sure what just made me think of this but Rick always from a young age gave the BEST gifts. He always put so much thought into the gifts he gave and had such great taste. I still have some necklaces he gave me about 40 years ago and I still wear them from time to time.

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