Monday, April 30, 2012

My Daddy Tribute: X is for Xenial

According to The Phrontistery, the word "xenial" means "of or concerning hospitality toward guests." I guess you could say that my father was a xenial person.

My parents' home was always full of guests. When I was a young child, they had an annual Christmas party. The small apartment in which we lived at their store would fill up with dozens of friends and family. Dad belonged to AA and sponsored numerous young men. They were always welcome in our home and often played in the pool after meetings. I had many friends who had to leave home for one reason or another. My parents would put them up for a few weeks until they could get back on their feet. We had more friends over than family during many holidays, such as Thanksgiving. At any function, my father was one of the first to greet every guest. He had a knack for remembering everyone's name and something about them. He always made people feel welcome and appreciated.

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